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Eldredge Public Library’s mission is to enhance the quality of life in Chatham by providing residents and visitors with the library services they need and want:  informational and recreational materials and programs, cultural enrichment, intellectual stimulation, academic support, social interaction, and a neutral setting for public discourse. 

About 40% of the operating budget comes from private funding sources which are comprised of individual donations, state aid, contributions from our endowment funds, Friends of the Eldredge Public Library, memorial donations and other sources.    The library receives approximately 60% of its funding from the Town of Chatham.

The generosity of donors enriches the collections and services of the Eldredge Public Library.  Your gift to the Library is very much appreciated.

Annual Fund

Our yearly Annual Fund Campaign brings in the largest portion of individual cash donations.  Your donation to the Annual Fund goes directly to our operating expenses which include library books, databases, and all other materials, staff, utilities and more.   Read this year’s Annual Fund Letter.  Donations to the Annual Fund can be made online or by sending in this donation form with a check.

 Increase your donation by asking your employer if they match charitable contributions for 501c3 corporations.

Gifts to the Endowment Fund

Library founder Marcellus Eldredge and his brother, Heman Fisher Eldredge, started our Endowment Fund to “be used for defraying current expenses of the Library” and the principal to be kept “forever intact.”  Our Trustees have maintained that commitment.  They have wisely invested our endowment funds and have set a withdrawal policy that balances a goal of sustaining the account while also meeting the operating needs of the library.

There are several ways to contribute to the Endowment Fund:

    • Cash donation
    • Gift of Stock
    • Gift of Real Estate or other Property

Library Director Amy Andreasson is happy to refer you to a member of the Trustee Development Committee who can assist you, or your tax adviser, in considering various ways to benefit the library.  A gift to the endowment fund will give you the satisfaction of knowing that the income from your gift will help to keep the Eldredge Public Library financially stable, and available to grow and enrich the lives of Chatham’s citizens and visitors into the future.


Special Donations

Memorial and Honor donations to the Eldredge Public Library are a meaningful way to pay tribute to the memory or honor of an individual, living or departed. Monetary donations can be made through our website, or by sending a check, payable to “Eldredge Public Library.”  Please contact the Development Coordinator Sara Nicolai by email  or 508-945-5172 if you have questions.


Matching Gifts

Want your gift to have an even greater impact? Many employers sponsor matching gift programs that match charitable contributions made by their employees. Gifts from retirees and spouses may also qualify for a match. Search below to find out if your employer has a matching gift program. If you have any questions, contact Sara Nicolai by email  

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Library Information

Eldredge Public Library
564 Main Street
 Chatham, MA 02633

We are a 501(c)3 charitable organization:  tax exemption number 04-6064571
For stock donations, please contact the Library Bookkeeper Mary Lanctot by email or 508-945-5172 for wiring instructions. 


For more information on supporting the Eldredge Public library, please contact Amy Andreasson, Library Director, at 508-945-5170 or by email.

Expert advice is critical to a successful giving plan.  Please consult with your lawyer or financial adviser before donating.