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The Friends support and enhance the library’s role in Chatham. We allow the library to offer services beyond its operating budget and help assure the Eldredge Public Library’s continuing excellence. To accomplish this mission, the Friends recruit volunteers and members, sponsor fundraising events, organize educational and cultural programs for all ages and provide thousands of dollars annually for children’s programs and activities. We strive to maintain, update and improve the extraordinary services offered by our library and to keep it among the best in Massachusetts.


Activities Sponsored by the Friends


* The Learning Series * Adult Programming * Book Discussion Groups

*Cultural & Public Interest Programs * Children & Teen Activities

* Computers and IT equipment * Discounted Museum Passes * Year-Round Book Sale

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What We Do


  • We support services and program for children and youth as they develop reading skills and find their way in our rapidly changing environment.
  • We continue to support traditional services, such as adult Programming, the Learning Series and a wide range of informational and cultural programs.
  • We provide funds for IT support not available through the operating budget and funding for the purchase of new and replacement computers and printers.
  • We support innovative staff ideas through grant writing and direct financial assistance. A good example is the remodel to the children's play alcove.
  • We encourage the library staff to purchase new technologies like the Kindle and iPad for demonstration and teaching.
  • We work in partnership with the Trustees and the Trustee Advisory Board, the library staff and the Town in the maintenance and improvement of our landmark Eldredge Public Library building and grounds.


The contributions from the Friends in service, support and spirit go beyond the realm of the ordinary. We invite you to join the Friends of the Eldredge Public Library . 

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