Volunteer Opportunities at the Eldredge Public Library

Get involved with what's happening at the Eldredge Public Library!  We have many volunteer opportunities available where you could use your skills, donate your time and show your enthusiasm!  


Here are some areas where we need volunteers for our Friends of EPL:

  • Learning Series Committee
  • Fund Raising Events
  • Decorating and Hospitality
  • Book Sale

Areas to Volunteer within the Library may include:

  • Circulation Desk
  • Shelving/Shelf Reading
  • Book Mending
  • Homebound Delivery


Although we appreciate and value our volunteers and are happy that the community supports us in this way, the amount of volunteer jobs may vary throughout the year.  We try to place all volunteers, but opportunities may not be available at all times.  Please download the Volunteer Form and return it to the Front Desk.